AdWords CTR Boosting Tips

AdWords is the most successful Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine today. That’s because it’s powered by Google's huge popularity as a search destination on the web.
One of the most important objectives for an AdWords advertiser is to improve their CTR or Click Thru Rate. It’s not just that it will help you get more traffic, but it’s also because Google may disable or inactivate your ads if they perform below a minimum CTR.
You can achieve better CTR by writing relevant ads. Relevant ads should contain some or all of the keywords that a visitor types into the search box. People are more likely to click on ads that contain the words they are searching for.
One way to make sure your ads are relevant is at the stage when you set up your Ad Groups. In each of your different Ad Groups, only write ads which contain the keywords you choose to bid on.
You can pay less per click than ads below yours if you have a better CTR. That's because Google programmed AdWords to reward advertisers for placing relevant ads.
You can place your target keywords anywhere in your ads, but the headline is the most important because it's clickable. Also, try to fit in the keywords into the two description lines and the display URL if possible. The keywords in your ad will automatically become bold when they are part of the search.
An easy way to automatically include any keywords you are bidding on in your headline is to add the dynamic keyword code "{keyword:}" (without the quotes). Each time someone searches for the keywords you bid on, the code will be replaced with the actual keyword that people are searching on.
You can use Google’s Keyword tool to improve your CTR by selecting only keywords that have estimated traffic. In addition, you can try the different types of keyword matching such as broad, phrase, exact and negative to test if these would help you improve your CTR.
Once you have run your ads for awhile, you should delete the keywords which only get impressions but no clicks. These keywords drag down your CTR and removing them from your Ad Group will help raise your CTR.
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