Beating Adwords The Easy Way - Affiliate Marketing Using Google Adwords

If you are playing the game of trying to beat Google AdWords it can be a total uphill struggle. Some days you can spend hours getting your campaign up and running and get a sale or two .... GREAT!
But for the next seven days NOTHING! What do you do then? It can be destroying for the affiliate marketer. If only you could just get one or two great campaigns up and running you KNOW that you could start earning some great money.
So how do you get to that point? It's easier than you thought. All you need to do is stop concentrating on lists of keywords. You don't need hundreds of keywords. What you do need to do is start targeting desperate buyers. Who are these desperate buyers? They are people who are so desperate to find the answers to their problem that they are willing to pay.
This is how you become a great and successful affiliate marketer. Stop worrying about having these huge lists that are way too broad to help you get huge amounts of traffic. I'm going to let you into a little secret here that will go against everything that you have ever been told. Traffic is NOT the answer!
Hmmmm, I hear you say. It's true, look at it this way. What good is traffic flooding through the door of your site off the back of keywords such as “Make money online.” There could be so many things that these people are looking for it's scary. They might be looking for the answer to where to invest their money online, or how to make money using ebay etc. You might get lucky and get a few people become interested, but the chances are that it just cost you for that click that was a waste of time.
So the answer is this. Quality, highly targeted traffic. How do we get that highly targeted traffic, the ones that have their credit cards at the ready? We have to dig down deep with our keyword phrases, this is where it can become confusing.
Think of it in terms like this: Are people losing sleep at night thinking of how to bring up their child? Probably not. So keywords like:
bringing up a babybaby helpbaby bibleetc,
are not going to do anything for you.
So think about what would be worrying a parent, what would keep them awake all night worrying (enough to make them part with their cash.)
How about:
how to stop my baby cryingwhy does my baby cry all nighthow can I stop my baby cryingetc, etc
I'm sure you're seeing what I am talking about here. Knowing what is a big problem and using what people would search for is the key here. This is highly targeted traffic.
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