Adwords Miracle - Is It the Real Deal?

Of all the methods for making money online, mastering Adwords is without doubt one of the hardest. So when I received my copy of Adwords Miracle for review, I was expecting nothing more than a combination of all the best bits from all the best Adwords guides out there. What followed left me pleasantly surprised.
What is striking from the very start is that the author makes no claims to be a Guru. Instead, he comes clean and tells how he has made the journey from being completely broke to earning the kind of figures that most only dream of. He's happy about that though, being confident enough in his own skills to never have to worry about where the next dollar might come from. But does he go on to prove it?
The book is 111 pages long, divided in to 4 main sections with 36 sub-sections - yes 36! There is the initial mandatory section that covers how to set up an Adwords campaign. Although some of the more advanced among you might see this as "filler", it's vital information as the book somehow manages to cover in detail all aspects of Adwords, from complete beginner to Adwords Professional.
So confident is the author in his knowledge of the subject, he even throws in some comments aimed at the 'Big Hitters' that you can't help feeling are that of a confident man. Don't get me wrong, we are not talking of attitude normally associated with the likes of the Rich Jerk, we are talking about someone who without question knows their onions.
Progressing through the book, you feel that your knowledge of pay-per-click advertising is quickly improving. Major issues such as keyword lists, daily budget, ad writing, and inactive keywords are blended effortlessly with other issues that are too often ignored by other Adwords book authors. Every now and then, you come across one of those light bulb moments that stops you in your tracks. But it’s one thing to say something will work, and another to actually see it work. Adwords is specifically designed to work on Google so testing the claims is a simple, instant process.
Another important point covered in the book is real life examples. In fact, there are a number of references to campaigns the author continues to run everyday. This will make the complete novice sit up and wonder, “Can you really make money that easily?” You bet! On the other side of the coin, Adwords Miracle tackles a method that the great Perry Marshall promotes. Within a page or two you will know when it's right to use the tactic, and when it's not. The point being that the author’s knowledge is extensive, he doesn't take the easy route and simply copy a Guru, he explains in detail when it’s right to use it and when it isn’t.
Towards the end of the book you are introduced to what the author calls his 'Skimming Method'. Without doubt, this section could easily be sold as a separate book. Spanning 10 pages, everything is explained in great detail to enable you to be earning real money in the fastest possible time. Following closely behind is a section on Google Cash and how to use it effectively in 2006. You don't need to own the product to make good use of this section as the author explains in detail exactly how to make it work for you.
The Bottom Line
Adwords Miracle is a breath of fresh air. Written with obvious passion, it's encouraging to realise that Adwords is no longer a monster. So detailed is the book that it's impossible to cover it in detail in such a short space of time. It doesn’t matter if you are new to Internet Marketing or have an established business online, Adwords Miracle offers the opportunity to increase your income – almost instantly.
Adwords Miracle has made a substantial difference to my campaigns. If you too would like the chance to take your online activities to the next level, grab your copy of Adwords Miracle - before your competition does.
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