Why Google AdWords Makes Sense

Many of my clients ask me “Why do you only focus on Google AdWords?” Here is what I tell them:
In as little as 10 minutes after activating a Google AdWords campaign, a business is exposed to 10 million people instantaneously. They can see instant results whereas with Yahoo it can take anywhere between 2 to 5 days to get ads approved. Why? Because Yahoo manually reviews ads.
I also like the fact that with AdWords I can get granular with my audience. Meaning I can specifically target certain regions, countries, states, and cities if I want to. So for my clients who have local businesses that sell traditional goods or services in a certain geographical area, this is a huge benefit to them as they are more inclined to favor local customers as opposed to customers in different states or countries for that matter.
Unlike with Yahoo, my competition cannot see the amount I am bidding for my search terms nor can they see the CTR (click through rate) my ads are receiving, thus reducing the probability of click fraud by competitors.
Google rewards me if my ads perform well (ads that converts and gets high click-through rates) and as a result, I will not only receive better ad placement in the future but I receive better pricing going forward as well!
Lastly from what I’ve read, Google users tend to be more Internet and computer saavy overall and are not afraid to purchase something online.
So when it comes to PPC advertising and with Google being the “little darling” of the Internet, it only makes sense to advertise on a network that is dominating (and will continue to dominate) the paid search market.
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