More Income From Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a fantastic pay per click tool for bringing highly targeted and specific visitors to your website at a cost you chose to pay. You can pay as little or as much as you want for these visitors and how much you make off of this targeted traffic is entirely up to how well you sell to them after they make it to your site.
If you've been having a hard time turning these visitors into the income from Google Adwords that you had been expecting to make, take a look at this simple technique and see if you can incorporate into your current process.
Offer A Specific Item
Do you have a page you are sending your Google Adwords visitors to that is filled with product after product that you think may interest your visitors and you're wondering why your income from your Adwords campaign isn't there? Create a page that includes only one option for your visitors to purchase.
By offering them only one product you're eliminating any chance that they are confused or overwhelmed with information and they are more likely to purchase. If this product has a name similar to the words that you are bidding on that's even better as these visitors are looking for that exact item.
Remove Distractions
Create this landing page to match the theme of your site but have the majority of the exiting links be pointed either at your purchase page or to the affiliate site you are promoting. This will leave your visitors a simple path to what you are selling, remove possibilities that they will become distracted and click away and it will ultimately increase your income from your Google Adwords campaigns.
Every Link To Income Potential
Any other links you decide to provide for your visitors should be navigational in design and lead to other items on your site that make money for you. You can point them to another item that is specifically targeted towards your keyword or phrase, or you can point them to an item that similar but just a little bit different. Whatever it is you send them to, make sure it is something you are making money from.
All exiting links from your landing page should be to other opportunities for you to make income. These can be links that make you money per click, pay you per action or are simply other products of yours. They simply need to be money-making links.
To some it all up in a nice, tidy nutshell: Remove the chance your visitors will become confused by offering only one specific item, remove distractions by having the entire focus of the page be on that one item and have all of your exiting links be to similar items that you make money from. By employing these three simple enhancements you should see a measurable increase in your income from Google Adwords.
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