Google Adwords Trick - Make Money In 5 Minutes Flat

Google AdWords is a great way to start getting some income. You put some ads online, pay for each click. Out of these clicks, some people will actually buy your product or the product you are referring, which causes some profits to you.
Although this seems simple, it is not that easy, that is why I am going to give you a trick. There is alot of competition on Google, and if you can't beat it, you will out of the AdWords game in no time. So how is it are you going to beat the competition?
Well it's really simple. Actually, that's the basis of the trick, you have got to keep it simple. Find a brand that might have two words in it's name, or find a combination of 2 words associated to your product. Let's say your product is called "Winner Gambler" or something of that sort. You are going to take the two words, reverse them and stick them together. In the case of my example, that would become "gamblerwinner". Now don't try this example, because it has alot of competition and you will get nowhere with it. Innovate and find something yourself.
Next thing, is once you've got your word, search it on a keyword search tool, such as Ouverture's or Google's. You will get the volume of searches and competition. Even though the search volume will most likely be relatively low. Your word is VERY targeted. So, out of the few that will click, chances are, most of them will buy the product. Just don't choose a word that has 0 searches, in that case it is just a lost cause.
The final step, is to search in Google with your word. If you see any ads on the right, you've got competition. If there is alot, pass and try to find another word. If there is little. You've got a winning combination.
Go and create your campaign on Google AdWords, if you have an account. If you don't, create one, and then create a keyword based campaign. In it you will use the word you have found.
There you go, quick and dirty right? Hope this helps you, and will get you some profits like it has helped me!
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