Make Money with Google Adwords the Easy Way

The whole idea is pretty simple actually. Some may even say it is common sense but here is how I do it:
1. Using Google Search, find a keyword or keyword phrase that only has two to four Adwords sponsored ads on the right of the page. This keyword should be one of a product, i.e. a certain type of script or eBook.
2. Now, also using Google Search, find a product that fits that product exactly. You want to find one with resale rights so you are doing this legally. It is possible to find free products in which the author allows you to sell. Now, legally obtain it.
3. Create a sales page on one of your sites. If you have a site that is relevant to the product then, of course, you would want to use that. If you do not have a site that is relevant to the product don’t worry. Get it all set up with the purchase link active and ready to go.
4. Go to your Google Adwords account and create a new campaign. Set up this campaign with as many relevant keywords as you can think of. Set your daily budget and CPC. Do not set the CPC too high, as you do not have much competition. I usually set it to six cents or somewhere in the vicinity. Be sure to split-test your ads so they are always competing against one another. When you have an ad that is out-performing another keep it and change the under-performer.
Once your campaign is set up find another product and do the same process all over again. This Adwords technique has proven to be very successful for me and I am sure it will be for you as well. Some campaigns do extremely well while others do poorly. This is why it is important to get several different adwords campaigns set up. The more you set up the more of an income opportunity you will have.
That’s it, pretty cut and dry isn’t it? As I stated above, this technique is very simple if you have a basic understanding of Google Adwords and page creation.
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